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Working with local construction suppliers, GE built the Haiphong Facility—GE Energy’s first investment in Haiphong, Vietnam—in less than one year. Among the obstacles faced by those who worked on this project, suppliers identified two common challenges: adhering to GE’s global standards and overcoming low levels of safety awareness in Vietnam. Globally, GE suppliers must comply with stringent expectations, including requirements to treat workers fairly, provide a safe and healthy working environment, and protect environmental quality. GE spoke with three suppliers from MaisonWorleyParsons, Archetype VN, Ltd and Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd, to get their perspectives on the initial challenges of working with GE, and the changes to their operations that were undertaken as a result of this project.

“Our workers usually worked in an environment with low or very low EHS (environment, health and safety) requirements. It was a big challenge to push them to meet EHS standards for this GE project,” explained Gao Xilin, senior project manager MaisonWorleyParsons.

In order to address these low awareness challenges, GE worked in partnership with the suppliers to instill a culture of safety—providing safety training and direction on how to integrate these standards into their own practices.

At Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd, “All of our staff and workforce on site are required to take a safety induction course conducted by GE, and thereafter pass a safety test. We have close to 450 people who attended this safety induction course and passed the written tests. Should they fail, we would re-educate them and prepare them until they pass the course,” said Chua Kian Aik, project manager Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd.

“MaisonWorleyParsons used GE’s EHS policy as a model and our EHS manual together to form one standard to implement for the [GE Haiphong] Wind Turbine project; the results after 10 months of operation here are very encouraging,” said Gao Xilin.

By sharing the knowledge gained from GE’s training and on-site work experience with their staffs, suppliers have raised the level of safety awareness across their organizations and across their project sites. As a result of working with GE and increasing their safety standards, these suppliers have been able to explore new business opportunities.

As Romeo Sigua of Archetype VN, Ltd noted, “The GE project serves as a model when it comes to safety and quality implementation, particularly in our Vietnam projects. The same standards are now being applied to our other projects.”

“Safety awareness of the workers and staff has been raised tremendously. Every worker is becoming a safer worker on site and upon completion of the [GE] project, all the workers will be more safety conscious. With these improved skills, we hope to re-employ them for our future projects,” said Chua Kian Aik.

GE’s commitment to high standards not only ensured the high quality and on-time completion of the GE Haiphong Facility, but also increased the skill level and safety consciousness of the suppliers’ workforces. This new and improved safety mindset should have a positive long-lasting impact on the workers and the community. Gergo Lencses, general manager at the GE Haiphong Facility, notes, “The work done at the Haiphong Facility is reflective of GE’s commitment to EHS excellence, and we are fortunate to have these suppliers in our portfolio for use on future potential projects.”

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