GE installed India’s first hydropower plant in 1902. Today, GE’s businesses have a prominent presence in India. The Company participates in a wide range of manufacturing, services and technology businesses that support India’s economic growth both through its own operations and through local partnerships with the State Bank of India, Wipro, and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.. In India, GE employs over 15,000 people.

GE is aware of its constantly evolving responsibilities and its impact on a global scale. We develop measurable strategies that drive operational excellence even as we work to add value to society. At GE, citizenship is a full-time commitment built upon cultural behavior and actions.

GE’s commitment to human rights extends to employees, suppliers and communities wherever we conduct business. In India, GE is actively working with schools, nonprofit organizations and state government to bring quality education and healthcare to the masses.

Our Employees, Our Strength.

GE currently employs over 15,000 people in India across its various business divisions. GE believes people are the key to its success, and the Company takes special care in hiring and retaining the best talent. Every year, GE spends more than USD 1 billion on training and mentoring its people.

GE invests in its people

GE India partners with several local business and engineering schools in hiring more than 100 interns and over 200 full-time Leadership Program employees through the course of the year.

The Company provides an annual scholarship—GE Star Awards—to eligible children and wards of GE employees and retirees. Additionally, GE runs a scholarship program at Cummins College of Engineering for Women, where it sponsors the education of five students annually. And, at the GE India Technology Center, GE scientists partner with professors from prominent U.S. schools on research projects.

GE Foundation, the philanthropic wing of GE, invests in improving the quality of and access to education as well as strengthening community organizations around the world. The GE Foundation India Scholarships are awarded to exceptionally talented students pursuing postgraduate courses in engineering, science or management. The selection criteria include not just an excellent academic record, but also strong leadership and good citizenship qualities. These scholarships demonstrate GE’s high confidence in India’s rich intellectual capital.

Early Identification Program (EID)

MBA internship opportunities: We offer internships in our Commercial Leadership Program (CLP), Financial Management Program (FMP), and Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP), as well as in the area of Human Resources. An internship in any one of these areas is a stepping stone to joining GE’s hallmark Leadership Programs upon graduation.

Engineering internship opportunities: GE offers internships for qualified engineering graduates in Technology, Commercial (Sales/Services) and Manufacturing/Operations across GE businesses. GE’s Global Research Center in Bangalore, the John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC), offers Early Identification Program (EID) in which undergraduate and graduate engineers can work on real-time technology challenges, gain hands-on experience, and share workspace with some of the world’s most prolific inventors and scientists.

During the internship, students get the opportunity to work with industry experts and apply theoretical knowledge to real business problems. What really stands out in GE internships is the quality of our projects coupled with great learning opportunities and our amazing work culture.

Leadership and career-development programs at GE

Leadership Programs are the perfect platforms for accelerating learning and development in a particular domain, from commercial to operations, human resources to information management, finance to communications. Close to 100 Leadership Programs are available to employees in India currently, many graduates of which have gone ono take up senior leadership roles within GE functions.

Support in higher education: GE India is a strong believer in continuous learning, and we offer support to employees wanting to continue their higher education. GE reimburses 85% of the tuition costs and has well-defined flexibility policies to help employees balance their deliverables at work while  pursuing their education.

Leadership courses: In India, we offer the Crotonville Leadership courses to help accelerate leadership development in our employees. These courses are supplemented with a suite of on-demand e-learning programs and other resources for ongoing learning. We also offer programs aimed specifically at the growth and development of our senior talent and frontline managers.

Mentoring Circles: Mentoring Circles help to foster GE leadership development through non-supervisory relationships  between mentors and mentees. Mentoring Circles are organized by function and attract participants from different businesses in GE India—allowing for a broader GE perspective.

Leader in Residence on the Road (LIRR): Engagement platforms like LIRR leverage the depth, strength and intellect of leadership talent to build meaningful dialogue. Through LIRR, seasoned GE Officers exchange ideas with employees across varied platforms to help young leaders navigate the complexity of our times with deeper insight, clarity and courage.  

Career development: GE India facilitates employee development through various mechanisms.

Best practices in career development

  • Career Week: At GE Healthcare, employees are exposed to potential career paths across various functions in the business for an entire week. At GE Capital, the career week provides one-on-one career counseling on potential career paths across various functions. The same approach is implemented across other businesses & JFWTC as well.
  • Career Navigation: Employees can submit their resumes into an Internal Talent Pool using the Career Navigation online tool, putting ownership of their career into their own hands. Employees can receive notification of open jobs in the system and can be automatically considered for jobs suitable to their experience and skills set.
  • Technical career paths: At the John F. Welch Technology Centre, the technical career paths within various businesses are well-defined to help employees understand expectations at all levels and use the career-path descriptors as a tool in planning their growth and career development.
  • Edison Engineering Development Program: The EEDP is one of the Leadership Programs available to early-career engineers. It helps participants to experience a broad exposure to as well as in-depth understanding of engineering processes through business-critical projects, intense technical and leadership trainings, and mentorship. The program members (EEDPs) gain core-engineering skills through at least three challenging technical assignments in various technologies over a period of two to three years, under the mentorship of senior technical leaders. Their skills are fine-tuned through GE’s Advanced Course in Engineering (A Course), the writing of formal reports and presentations to senior leadership. In their second year, EEDPs take the “B” course to learn how to prepare actual technical business proposals. EEDPs also have the opportunity to complete a postgraduate degree through a number of top engineering schools while working at GE.
  • The RESTART program: This program focuses exclusively on hiring women scientists and engineers who wish to return to work after having taken a career break .
  • GE Women’s Network: GE Women’s Network, comprising some 3,500 women in over 15 cities, is a strong platform for the professional development of women employees. The Network facilitates small-group mentoring by connecting early-career women to senior women in the organization with an aim to develop, grow and retain talented women. GE Women’s Network in India is run by a group of senior, dedicated women employees and has a wide presence through hubs in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. While supporting the Network’s four global initiatives—Women in Technology, Women in Commercial, My Connections and HealthAhead—the hubs closely partner with their business leaders and HR teams in attracting, retaining and growing diverse talent.

People and culture

Balanced and healthy work environment

At GE India, we believe that integrating one’s work and personal lives enables a happy and productive life. To support this balance, we provide flexible work arrangements and the infrastructure necessary to support that flexibility. GE promotes an inclusive culture that supports the needs of employees with family responsibilities. We believe in providing a sound and safe working environment to our employees. GE businesses in India operate within the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines of GE. The Company has received several external awards for its EHS efforts in India, including the Golden Peacock National Award for combating climate change given to the John F. Welch Technology Centre at Bangalore, and two Karnataka State Awards, given to GE Healthcare.

Corporate integrity

GE has built and maintained a strong culture of integrity and compliance by remaining dedicated to its governance policies. GE’s ombudsperson process and integrity statement, The Spirit & The Letter, are two of the ways in which GE keeps open channels of communication and makes clear its policies and expectations of employees.

Collaboration and partnership with community in Chakan, Pune

In India, GE has undertaken a series of initiatives to support the well-being of the community in Chakan, near Pune, Maharashtra, where it is setting up a new manufacturing facility. Through these initiatives, GE aims to collaborate and partner with the community located around the plant site and make positive contributions to their lives. These efforts are in line with GE’s commitment to addressing the challenges that affect many of the communities and people touched by its business.

GE has installed lighting fixtures in the Sudumbre and Vasuli villages in two separate projects, and has partnered with a local school to provide computers for education. In the area of healthcare, GE has provided an ambulance facility that will be available to all the villagers in emergencies. GE aims to continue collaborating with the local community in the future and undertake similar beneficial community initiatives.

Initiatives to date have been created on the basis of the needs assessment conducted by GE in 13 key neighbouring villages at Chakan in Pune. The study surveyed 590 households from across these villages, and identified education, health and infrastructure as the key areas requiring immediate attention for the welfare of the community.

Contributing to communities through volunteering

GE Volunteers

Furthering the Company’s corporate citizenship commitment, GE Volunteers in India have over the last five years given more than 125,000 volunteer-hours in partnership with nonprofit and government-run organizations. Multiple community-based projects have been undertaken by GE Volunteers in the areas of education, health, environment and community development through its seven Councils spread across India. In doing so, GE Volunteers have been associated with the NASSCOM Foundation, police departments (of Cyberabad, Delhi and  Karnataka), Junior Achievement, AMCHAM India, United Way, ATREE, Manipal Hospital, Sankara Eye Hospital, LVPEI (L.V. Prasad Eye Institute), Aseema, Rotary International, NAB (National Association for the Blind), VIDYA, Lead India 2020, and Jet Airways. GE Volunteers are also associated with afforestation efforts and have taken up tree planting for over 300 acres in last three years, work that also helps the communities in these remote areas. All GE Volunteers in India are a true testimony of to Good People Doing Great Things!

Healthymagination: Making affordable healthcare a reality in India

GE works for a healthier India through its healthymagination strategy and its “In India, for India” approach.

Healthymagination is GE’s $6 billion commitment to creating better health for more people. It is focused on lowering healthcare cost while improving quality and access. India has an important role to play in this vision. In India, the initiative strives to continuously develop healthcare innovations focused on reducing costs, increasing access and improving quality and efficiency around the world.

Our new model of product development empowers local teams to develop technologies locally applying rigorous methodologies to uncover health needs; identifying and develop technologies; and validating our products and services  by gathering evidence that each achieves our desired improvements in healthcare cost, access and quality. To achieve our mission of a healthier India, we are designing and developing a series of solutions that can help solve some of its biggest health issues—cardiac disease, cancer and maternal/infant deaths. 

By partnering with public and private entities around the world, healthymagination is helping hospitals, cities, regions and whole countries increase their capacity to deliver quality healthcare safely while keeping costs under control.

Conducting business with an astute consciousness of the environmental concerns in India: expanding ecomagination

GE works toward developing innovative solutions and services that address environmental challenges in India while generating growth for the Company. Toward this end, GE works at expanding its global ecomagination initiative in India. Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to creating new value for its customers and society by addressing today’s energy, efficiency and water challenges.

GE’s businesses in India are focused on developing advanced technologies that meet customer demand for cleaner and more-energy-efficient products. Our diverse portfolio of Ecomagination products in India is grounded in two common requirements and guided by concrete metrics: These products must demonstrate both significant operating and environmental benefits. This effort captures our core ecomagination belief that through applied technology and innovation, we can drive progress in a way that reduces impact on the environment.

GE’s John F. Welch Technology Centre, set up in 1999 in Bangalore, is developing eco-friendly technologies in the areas of water, healthcare and energy, including zero-energy clean water solutions for rural markets; low-wind-regime turbines; high-efficiency gas engines; biomass-based power solution; and Value CT, a scan designed in India to provide better healthcare access to tier 2 and 3 cities.

GE is also the world’s largest renewable resource company and has invested USD 5 billion in the development of clean technologies to date with a commitment to invest a total of USD 10 billion by 2015. 

Ecomagination: Developing solutions for India

Aircraft Engines 

Increasing operational costs are one of the biggest concerns for the aviation industry in India, to which rising fuel prices contribute significantly. The industry is looking for energy-efficient alternatives to fuel that can help manage its costs and balance its profit margins. GE designs and develops aviation solutions that are extremely fuel-efficient and environment-friendly. GE’s GEnx engine, which is powering the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in India, is one of the most technologically advanced and fuel-efficient engines available. The GEnx engine offers up to 15 percent improved fuel efficiency, which translates to up to 15 percent less CO2. The engine’s innovative low-emission combustor dramatically reduces NOx gases by as much as 55 percent below today’s regulatory limits and other regulated gases by as much as 90 percent. The GEnx is also the quietest engine GE has produced, thanks to its large, more efficient fan blades that operate at slower tip speed, resulting in about a 30 percent reduction in noise levels.

Renewable energy 

Biogas has become the mainstay of India’s renewable energy programs, especially for the Indian ethanol industry and sewage-treatment plants. GE, along with its distributors, can implement full turnkey solutions to convert a variety of biowastes to useful power and has begun several groundbreaking installations in the country. 

GE’s  comprehensive energy portfolio can help India meet its energy priorities. The Company contributes to a better energy future by developing advanced technologies that address the challenges of energy and water use.

Energy-efficient healthcare

GE Healthcare continues to develop products and services that deliver significant, measurable environmental performance and help customers achieve their “green” goals. One of the critical, persistent health problems in India is the high rate of maternal and infant mortality related to non-institutional births and inadequate quality of care. At GE, we believe a combination of innovative technology, improved access to quality care, and training can help solve this unacceptable situation for India and other emerging countries. GE has developed a series of low-cost mother and infant care solutions through our India Innovation Centre that has broken the historical barriers of cost, access and quality. One key innovation is Lullaby LED, a highly efficient phototherapy system for the treatment of neonatal jaundice, a common ailment caused by an immature liver. If jaundice is left untreated, bilirubin, the yellow by-product of dying blood cells, can build up in the body and cause irreversible brain damage. Phototherapy helps the infant overcome this critical condition. Technologies like the Lullaby LED phototherapy system and warmers can help save many newborn lives every day, especially in countries where access to quality care is a key issue. 

GE used LED technology to replace conventional high-intensity bulbs that use five times as much energy. What’s  more, GE’s Lullaby breaks down bilirubin 28% faster than conventional phototherapy, lasts 50 times longer than CFL bulbs, requires less power, and results in less irradiation. The Lullaby costs less than conventional systems, leading to improved access, and allows the highest standard of care to be given to every baby.

Clean water

Although water covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, freshwater scarcity impacts 1 billion people every day. Growing populations and industrialization are reducing the average availability of water. It is estimated that by 2020, India will become a water-stressed nation. According to recent survey[1] by U.S.-based Columbia Water Center, in association with FICCI, a majority of Indian companies consider water scarcity an increasing business risk, prompting them to implement means to conserve the commodity. GE’s innovative and proven water-management solutions make it possible for municipalities and industries around the world to implement wastewater reclamation, advanced treatment, and water-reuse programs.

Technology for low & medium wind speeds

Building on a strong power-generation heritage, GE’s wind turbines deliver proven performance and reliability. Designed to provide additional swept area and greater energy capture, they deliver both a  providing noise mitigation and a strong return on investment.

Rural water

According to the WHO, about 70 million people in 20 Indian states are at risk due to excess fluoride in groundwater and around 10 million people are at risk due to excess arsenic in groundwater. GE Water teams are working on filtration and water-remediation technologies using a Zero Energy approach that reduces contaminants in rural drinking water. This technology uses specialized chemisorptions technologies to bring contaminant levels in water to global safe-drinking-water standards. In addition, the water purifier uses GE’s patented ultra filtration technology to remove suspended particles and microbiological contaminants. GE’s‘Zero Energy technology requires no electricity or other energy to operate and is ideal for use in rural homes.

GE employs more than 15,000 people in India across its various businesses.

Innovating locally to improve quality of life in India and for the world

Our focus in India is to develop innovative and localized products and our first multi-modal manufacturing facility in Pune is an example of our commitment towards achieving this vision. This is GE’s first such large scale manufacturing facility in India. At this facility, we will manufacture multiple product lines from different businesses, including energy and transportation. The facility is likely to create approximately 2,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities in India.

GE has been a strong player in the Indian market for over two decades. We have been manufacturing in India with our three healthcare facilities in Bangalore. GE in India manufactures and sources components for domestic and global markets. The new facility in Pune adds to our manufacturing strength in India.

GE India Technology Centre, Bangalore, India

GE India Technology Centre in Bangalore is GE’s largest integrated multidisciplinary Research and Development Center, and the first to be located outside the US. It is the global hub of technology and innovation for GE, playing a key role in helping the Company to retain its technological competitive edge and market leadership through innovation. The Center continues to add breadth and depth in key technology areas and has developed a number of innovative technologies. GE’s India Technology Centre in Bangalore consists of a team of over 4,500 employees whose work over the last 12 years has contributed to more than 1,850 patents being filed by the parent General Electric Company.

Key technologies worked on during that time include the Powerhaul Locomotive that serves the transportation sector; the new baseline turbofan engine called LEAP-X for the aviation industry; and Healthcare products like the Lullaby Infant Warmer and the MAC 400 Ultra-portable ECG.

In June 2012, GE announced an investment of over INR 300 crores toward setting up of new R&D labs and other expansion activities at the research center to showcase research and engineering in a number critical areas, including cancer treatment and radiochemistry, and other technology applications in healthcare, locomotive engines, heavy-earth moving equipment, and equipment for the energy sector.

Hyderabad Technology Centre (HTC)

Hyderabad Technology Centre (HTC), part of the Energy Engineering Division & India Engineering operations, is a global engineering team located in Hyderabad, India. Begun as a 185-member Energy Engineering team in 2006, since its inception HTC has undergone tremendous growth and become a hub of excellence for technology, ranging from the “Exploration to Utilization” of energy. The center is home to complete engineering teams for Controls & Power Electronics; Renewables SCADA software & controls; Jenbacher Controls, Industrial Solutions; Digital Energy & Software Solutions Group; MCS-Sensing; Oil & Gas Electrification; and Electronics.

The team of 700+ employees is a vibrant mix of young and experienced engineers across different domains, with experience drawn from different industry verticals. The team, which has been making rapid strides in creating IP for the GE Energy business, has had many IDLs and successful patents filed since 2008 and has many more in the pipeline. HTC, based out of three locations in Hyderabad, houses the GE Power & Water, GE Energy Management, and the GE Oil & Gas teams at this location. These teams have complete engineering responsibility for some of the In India for India products such as the air circuit breaker for Industrial Solutions, the EMS systems for Industrial, and various utility applications, in addition to leading their programs and projects for global customers.

HTC is among the top five GE sites for Energy Engineering in terms of its total number of engineers, and is developing itself into the center of excellence in  Software, Electronics Design, Embedded Systems Design and Electromechanical Design for GE Energy products and services. HTC teams collaborate on various technologies and projects with GE sites across the U.S, the U.K. and Italy, and they work for more than 45 global technology sites, providing solutions to customers’ toughest challenges.

Sustainable Growth 2012

GE’s 2012 Sustainable Growth Summary highlights progress against commitments on our social, environmental and economic impacts—or, what we call People, Planet and Economy.



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