How it Works

Developing Health Globally aims to improve healthcare delivery, patient outcomes and quality of life for underserved communities in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Our Approach

Countries are selected based on need, stability, transparency and potential for sustainability. GE Foundation partners with local Ministries of Health to determine the specific hospitals and clinics most in need. Healthcare facilities are then provided with tools, technology and training to upgrade the quality of care they provide in the areas of maternal-child care, trauma and acute illness.

Developing Health Globally in Action

Take an in-depth look at the Developing Health Globally (DHG) work related to maternal and infant care in Honduras.

Program Locations

DHG partner sites are primarily rural district hospitals (WHO Level IV facilities). On average, these hospitals have 80-200 beds, 1-2 operating theaters, and at least one physician capable of performing general surgery. They typically have access to electrical power grids (albeit with frequent power interruptions) and some form of water storage capacity for facility use.

Equipment Upgrades

While GE is known as an advanced technology infrastructure company, the equipment sourced for the DHG program are basic models, with simple user interfaces, few consumables and low operating cost. All equipment is manufactured and configured to specific facility needs, ensuring power configuration and user interface are a match for local users.

Health System Strengthening

DHG targets opportunities to drive improvement across facilities and broader health systems for greater impact, such as broad-based clinical training and process improvements. Cross-site programs have helped improve the impact of newly acquired equipment while encouraging networking among local practitioners and peer facilities.